The Leader's Way Podcast

A Podcast from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale

Welcome! We are your hosts, Brandon Nappi, DMin and Hannah Black, PhD.

On this podcast, we set out to empower leaders, cultivate spirituality, and explore theology together.

Brandon comes to the podcast with background in retreat ministry and teaches homiletics. Hannah has a background in academic theology and teaches systematic theology. As a podcasting team, we bring together spirituality and theology.

Leader's Way Podcast

Those who have listened from the beginning know that Hannah and Brandon have both been called Golden Retrievers. In this podcast, we channel our Golden Retriever energy to build community around hope. 

We don’t take hope lightly. Rather, we believe we are called to grapple with challenge, mourn loss, sit with nuance, and pull through with hope. 

What brings you hope?

two golden retrievers with halos, wings, and microphones