Berkeley Divinity School is the Episcopal seminary at Yale. Berkeley is gathered and intimate, while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive world-renowned faculty, a highly qualified and diverse student body, and libraries and facilities of the highest caliber. Additionally, Berkeley students are formed by the centrality of daily worship, deliberate attention to the spiritual life, and a concentrated course of study in Anglican history and theology. 

Founded in 1854, Berkeley has done this work as a full partner and affiliate of Yale Divinity School since 1971. Berkeley is the only accredited Episcopal seminary to do its work within one of the world’s great universities. 

For over 160 years, Berkeley Divinity School has prepared clergy, educators, and leaders to serve throughout the Church, not only as we see and know it now but “into the regions beyond.” As the Church and its needs change, Berkeley is deeply committed to providing ordained and lay leaders immersed in ancient wisdom, and formed through prayer and practice to face modern challenges. 

Around the Quad

Berkeley enjoys a close, mutual relationship with Yale Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music

The Episcopal Church

Berkeley Divinity School is one of the seven accredited seminaries of The Episcopal Church.

How to Apply

Berkeley Divinity School students are Yale Divinity School students who complete additional programming and may be eligible for special forms of financial aid.


Recent Sermons, opinions, and other contributions from Berkeley faculty, staff and students.