23: Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times with Amy Carr and Christine Helmer

Monday, May 20, 2024
Christine Helmer

Professor Amy Carr and Professor Christine Helmer join us to talk their recent book Ordinary Faith in Polarized Times: Justification and the Pursuit of Justice. In this book, Professors Carr and Helmer address the polarized nature of the United States today and offer a theological framework that allows us to take the risks of speaking with each other about hot button issues. In the book, they suggest that justification by faith into a beloved community offers us the opportunity to enter into good conflict.

Christine Helmer is Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University. Professor Helmer’s other books include How Luther Became the Reformer, The Trinity and Martin Luther, and Theology and the End of Doctrine.

Amy Carr is Professor of Religious Studies at Western Illinois University. Professor Carr is also working on another book called Facing Divine Affliction: A Lutheran Theodicy for the Sinned Against. It is part of an emerging series of Lutheran reconstructions of doctrine.

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