Inaugural Public Theology & Public Policy Conference

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Center for Public Theology & Public Policy invites you to The Omni in New Haven from April 7-9, 2024 for the Inaugural Public Theology & Public Policy Conference—a transformative gathering focused on exploring the spiritual and moral dimensions of presidential elections. The vision of the conference is to offer a moral analysis that transcends partisan boundaries and equip religious leaders, scholars, theologians, and biblicists to delve into the crucial public issues confronting our nation.

The conference is a first-of-its-kind convening aimed at equipping progressive faith leaders and pastors with the tools and skills to engage their congregations in elections, and on the morality of policy positions political candidates take.

Attendees will be equipped with the necessary tools—biblical, theological, historical, and policy-related—to navigate and contribute to the moral narrative shaping our nation’s political landscape. Whether you are actively involved in religious leadership, academia, or simply interested in understanding the pivotal role of spirituality in public discourse, this event provides a unique platform for learning, collaboration, and advocacy.

Come be part of a community dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations and influencing positive change in the moral and spiritual dimensions of our society.