Build Your Own Berkeley Center

Monday, February 26, 2024

As part of the Berkeley Center festivities, we invite you to make your own paper model of the Berkeley Center.

Click here to download and print the paper model pattern.

When you create your own Berkeley Center, post it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag @berkeleyatyale for a chance to win a Berkeley Center Pilgrimage mug!

The Berkeley Center renovation will deliver new and improved spaces for students and visitors. St. Luke the winged ox, known colloquially as “Lucas,” is our beloved community mascot for this time of transition known as the “Berkeley Center Pilgrimage.” This semester, morning prayer is taking place at the chapel of Bethesda Lutheran Church on St. Ronan Street. We are particularly grateful to our neighbors and communion partners at Bethesda for this hospitality.

The house at 363 St. Ronan Street (built in 1903) has been Berkeley’s home since 1973. The 2024 renovations will provide new conference, meeting, and office spaces, refurbish areas currently used for student accommodation to be more comfortable and flexible, improve accessibility and safety, remedy basic issues of drainage, and improve climate control. Nw paving and landscaping will improve appearance and usability of the approaches to the Berkeley Center. The renovations will include a new terrace on the eastern side. This will be far the largest renovation undertaken in our or the building’s history.

The 2024 renovations will make it possible for the Berkeley Center to be a part of our community life beyond morning prayers and coffee. Students will have greater access through the academic year, and others—such as clergy, Church groups, and conferences—will be able to use the space, as well.

You can give to the Berkeley Center renewal online or by mail.

  • Paper model and glue gun
  • Hannah Black holding a paper model
  • Complete paper model
  • paper berkeley center
  • Paper Berkeley Center being built