10: Trans Figured with Sophie Grace Chappell

Sophie Grace Chappell has been Professor of Philosophy at The Open University since 2006. Her main interests in philosophy are ethics, literature, sex and gender, ancient and medieval philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of religion.

Sophie Grace Chappell

She has published over 100 articles, and her most recent book is Epiphanies: an Ethics of Experience.
Her next book will be available this June: Trans Figured: On Being a Transgender Person in a Cisgender World.

Sophie Grace Chappell is the first known openly transgender philosophy professor in the UK; she transitioned in 2014. She is married with four children, and is a long-term member of All Souls’ Episcopal Church, Dundee. 

 Students with Professor Chappell at the Berkeley Center

Fireside chat at the Berkeley Center with Sophie Grace Chappell

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