Intrapersonal Conflict Management for Faith Leaders

Intrapersonal Conflict Management for Faith Leaders
November 19, 2024
12:00–2:00 pm
Ryan Dunlap

Cosponsored with the Yale Divinity School Center for Continuing Education


Faith leaders are often adept in assisting others navigating challenges of intrapersonal conflict, which can impede personal growth and development. Paradoxically, these leaders often find it difficult to apply the same level of proficiency to address their own internal conflicts. Consequently, they bear unresolved tension and discord, which may adversely affect those under their care. This training program is crafted to empower leaders in surmounting intrapersonal conflict issues. It offers participants a comprehensive examination of the impact of their communication, conduct, and character on others, coupled with a structured framework for personal advancement. Throughout the workshop, attendees will delve into the 3-Core Pillars of the Real Tact Model®, elucidating the roles of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control in mitigating their contributions to conflicts. The program aims to enhance interpersonal relationships, reduce conflicts, and cultivate more effective leadership skills among participants.

Key workshop takeaways:

  • Utilize The Real Tact Model® to minimize gaps in conflict competence can lead to Blind, Emotional, and Unpredictable Leadership styles.

  • Identify your key behavioral derailers that can negatively impact the way you lead yourself and others through conflict.

  • Discover practical ways to build safe and responsive organizations while leading incredibly connected teams.

  • Learn to recognize and reset psychological barriers in yourself that affect decision quality.

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Ryan Dunlap has over 20 years of combined law enforcement, ministry, and executive leadership experience. He is an internationally recognized conflict management coach and trainer. He is a Certified Leadership Coach as well as the founder and Chief Conflict Officer at Conflictish, a conflict strategy firm dedicated to helping leaders improve how they lead themselves and others through conflict. He is the creator of The Real Tact Model®, a framework for developing conflict competence. To date, he has coached leaders around the globe and in several industries including biotech, government, nonprofit, faith-based, healthcare, pharma, education, food and beverage, and commercial construction, among others. 

Ryan is a former SVU Detective, SWAT Hostage Negotiator, and Crisis Intervention Officer who has facilitated hundreds of high-stakes interviews, interrogations, and negotiations. As a Certified DCJS Instructor and Field Training Officer, Ryan has developed and facilitated training and development programs for hundreds of law enforcement personnel. Following a decorated law enforcement career, Ryan went on to serve as the Pastor and Executive Director of Operations for Victory Church in Atlanta, Georgia, overseeing a $20M operations budget while leading operational readiness and enterprise-wide alignment of teams, processes, and systems during an organizational restructure following the succession of the founding leaders. Following his time at Victory, Ryan went on to serve as the Executive Director of a faith-based anti-human trafficking organization, Street Grace, for the state of Tennessee, driving the statewide expansion into the state and leading the overall strategy and execution of all statewide operations. Ryan simultaneously served as the Executive Pastor of Leadership and Development at City Light Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.