Berkeley Leadership Staff Visit the West Coast

December 1, 2014

Berkeley leaders spent time on the west coast in November—teaching, learning and connecting with other Episcopal colleagues.  Dean Andrew McGowan attended the Society of Biblical Literature’s annual meeting in San Diego.  The Rev. Tony Jarvis, Director of Berkeley’s Educational Leadership and Ministry Program, attended the Biennial Conference of the National Association of Episcopal Schools in Anaheim.

The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest scholarly organization in the field of biblical students, and its members share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible. Dean McGowan presented a paper on how the type of bread a person ate in Biblical times reflected their social status. Bread was a staple throughout the ancient Mediterranean, but its quality varied in the type of grain used, the fineness of its grind and the use of leaven.  Finer breads were reserved for citizens of higher social status.

Dean McGowan also participated on a panel of leading scholars discussing a recently published book on Christianity in Roman Africa. 

Dean McGowan’s wife, Felicity Harley-McGowan, an art scholar and lecturer at Yale Divinity School, also attended the meeting and presented a paper examining the development of crucifixion iconography and particularly the medieval fresco in the church of Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome.

During their time in California Dean McGowan, his wife Felicity, and Pamela Wesley-Gomez, Director of Development, also spent time in Los Angeles. The Rev. Stephen Huber ‘98, Rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, and a member of Berkeley’s Board of Trustees, hosted a reception for them. The Rev. Betsy Anderson ‘97, who recently retired from the staff of The Parish of St. Matthew in Pacific Palisades, hosted a luncheon to introduce them to local parish leaders.

The National Association of Episcopal Schools is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and this year’s biennial conference in Anaheim marked a highlight of the festivities. The Rev. Jarvis served as headmaster of the Roxbury Latin School in Roxbury, MA for thirty years and was instrumental in nurturing the growth of the association and its member schools.  “Magic” Johnson, the NBA legend and an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an Episcopal school parent, spoke at the main dinner on Friday night.  The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, met with attendees, celebrated eucharist and gave a talk titled “Who Are We? Whence, Whither and Why?”