Dean’s Welcome

Andrew McGowan with the portrait of William Palmer Ladd
Being here is demanding, transformative, and inspiring.
At Berkeley and Yale we start with the belief that elements of the most classical theological education - immersion in the Bible and its interpretation, knowledge of Christian thought across history, participation in and study of the liturgies of Anglicanism and of the universal Church - are still fundamental resources for leadership in a Church and World struggling to find meaning, hope, and justice. 
We engage in these with rigor and in depth characteristic of residential theological education in one of the world’s great universities, while engaging at the same time in reflection that tests and integrates these with practice. 
Berkeley strives to serve the Church not merely by training ministers for its existing structures, but by forming leaders for tasks we are only beginning to imagine. Our graduates now are leaders of and for The Episcopal Church at all levels, in dioceses, parishes, seminaries, colleges, schools and agencies. Graduates of the future will work with these and with worshipping communities that do not yet exist, providing them with faithful, learned, and visionary leadership.
We invite you to support us, pray for us, and to join us. 
Andrew McGowan.