Thriving Christian Communities - June 3-7, 2019

November 9, 2018

Please join Berkeley this June for a course in building leadership skills for thriving Christian communities, the topic of five afternoon class sessions led by BDS faculty.

The Episcopal Church is both failing and flourishing. In his “St. Ronan Street Blog,” Berkeley Divinity School Dean Andrew McGowan has written on the present status of the Episcopal Church and the relationship between success and God’s presence. In a series of five presentations, he will expand on these topics. Case studies in church leadership will be led by YDS lecturer and BDS Board of Trustees member Jim Elrod, with YDS lecturer and BDS Associate Dean Cathy George moderating discussion.

Berkeley’s program will be offered in conjunction with the YDS Summer Study, which offers classes each morning, Monday- Friday, 9-11:30, followed by noonday prayer and lunch. Additional YDS Summer Study courses are offered in the afternoon; Berkeley’s course offering, “Thriving Christian Communities,” will be offered 1:30-4 Monday-Friday, as part of the YDS Summer Study. Additional evening cultural and culinary events will be offered for course participants. Registration is limited to 35 and will first be opened to BDS alumni with a February 1 deadline, followed by open registration to fill the remaining seats. For more details, contact Kira Wishart (

This offering is Funded by the Wesley-Royce Endowment for Leadership.