Monday in Holy Week - The Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo

April 6, 2020

This Monday in Holy Week thirty-five students and faculty gathered on Zoom for Morning Prayer.  We heard how Jesus cursed a fig tree that bore no fruit, and carried his anger into the Temple, where he drove out the money-changers and violently upended business as usual.  The authorities are now out to get him, however they can.  I think of that moment of holy disruption in the Temple as the first station on the Way of the Cross.  

Upending business as usual is now a global phenomenon.  So is the thought that this virus is somehow out to get us.  Maybe that’s an appropriate thought for Monday in Holy Week, as we follow Jesus into Jerusalem and once again recall his holy acts.  As we enter our own Jerusalem of the spirit this week, may we take the complex anger we might be feeling—anger closely linked to frustration, anxiety, weakness, and fear—and place it  where it needs to be: at the foot of the Cross.