Berkeley Welcomes The Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo for Spring Semester

December 11, 2019

Next semester, when Berkeley Dean Andrew McGowan is on sabbatical in Oxford and Associate Dean Cathy George takes the reins as Acting Dean, Berkeley will also welcome The Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo to help throughout the semester.  Ferlo is no stranger to the role of seminary leadership. Until his retirement in 2017, Ferlo was the President and Professor of Biblical Interpretation and the Practice of Ministry at Bexley Hall Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Chicago. Prior church experience includes Associate Dean at Virginia Theological Seminary and rector of churches in Pennsylvania and New York.  Ferlo also has experience as a school chaplain and later served as President of the Governing Board of NAES, the National Association of Episcopal Schools.  Ferlo has stayed active in a variety of professional organizations, and currently serves as President of Episcopal Evangelical Society and Board President of Anglican Theological Review.

His time at YDS will actually represent a homecoming of sorts, as Ferlo earned all of his graduate degrees in English from Yale and was an associate professor of English at Yale for six years, before deciding to enter the priesthood in the Episcopal Church.  He and his wife Ann Harland met during those Yale years and worshipped at Christ Church. For a true taste of academic nostalgia, Ferlo and Harlan will be living in an on-campus YDS apartment and are looking forward to working closely with students. Ferlo will be teaching a spring semester course in the Pastoral Offices and serving in chapel life, and will also be looking for musical opportunities as a cellist and pianist.