Lay Ministries

Formation for Lay Leadership

Not all of Berkeley’s students are preparing for ordination. Many students choose Berkeley at Yale because of the diversity of vocational interests in the student body. Some students are preparing for careers in social work; others intend to teach in schools, colleges, universities, or seminaries; some intend to serve the church as lay musicians, missionaries, or directors of education, stewardship, or communications; still others use seminary as a time to clarify values and self-understanding before enrolling in other professional schools such as medicine, business or law.

The three degrees offered by Yale Divinity School and the Berkeley Diploma or Certificate in Anglican Studies can serve the needs of a lay vocation. Because of the ecumenical nature of YDS, students are admitted to all degree programs whether they are in a vocational discernment or ordination process or not. Students interested in lay hospital chaplaincy or youth ministry will often go through the three-year MDiv curriculum; students preparing for further academic work or in a time of discernment often find the two-year MAR to be an effective program to further their ministry and career goals.

Berkeley’s program of vocational discernment and leadership formation is particularly suited to help support lay leaders. The Wesley-Royce Leadership Colloquium is especially important to leadership development, providing focused training in the skills and capacities of effective leadership in parishes, schools, and other institutions. All Anglican Studies Diploma and Certificate candidates participate in this colloquium, which focuses on the transforma