Global Experiences

Pilgrimage, Mission, and Study Trips

Berkeley Divinity School is committed to providing every student with the opportunity for international experiences as a part of their theological training.

Every semester, at least one Yale Divinity School course is a travel seminar incorporating a trip over spring break. Many Berkeley students participate in these courses. Recent destinations have included England, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, China, Ghana, and Jerusalem. Berkeley also helps students plan and fund individual mission trips abroad, working in partnership with the Seminary Consultation on Mission and the Episcopal Evangelism SocietyBerkeley students experience a wide variety of travel, service, and pilgrimage opportunities, some through established partnerships with organizations such as Our Little Roses home for girls in Honduras or College of the Transfiguration seminary in Grahamstown, South Africa, and some through their own initiatives with communities such as the Diocese of Malawi and St. Paul’s Within the Walls in Rome. Each year a newly graduated student is appointed as the Porter Fellow at St. George’s College in Jerusalem

The senior class makes an annual pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral, where they are immersed in both the historical depth and contemporary breadth of the Anglican Communion.

Exchange Programs

Through Yale Divinity School, a number of exchange programs are available with universities around the world, including the Universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg and Freiburg, Germany; Trinity Theological College, Singapore; and Chung Chi College, Hong Kong. Of particular interest to Anglicans is the exchange opportunity with Westcott House at Cambridge University.

Campus Visitors

In addition to travel abroad, students experience the global church through a steady stream of visitors to New Haven. Yale Divinity School and Berkeley host a wide variety of visiting clergy, missionaries, and lecturers from around the world. Frequent visitors to Berkeley have included the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral and the Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain. Yale’s Center for Faith and Culture and the Institute for Sacred Music also attract world-renowned guest lecturers and performers. Given Yale’s commitment to global engagement, the University is host to many world leaders and international students whose presence shapes day-to-day life on campus.