Graduate Network

The Graduate Network

The Berkeley Divinity School Graduate Network includes every person who has spent at least one term as a degree, diploma, or certificate candidate at the School, or who holds an honorary degree from the Berkeley Divinity School. The Graduate Network’s purposes are:       

·      To provide a network of communication, fellowship, and support among graduates.

·      To support the mission of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale financially, morally, and spiritually to ensure the continuing high level of theological education that has been the contribution of Berkeley to the Church since the foundation of the School in 1854;

·      To recruit and direct qualified potential students toward the School for their theological education, with a particular focus on increasing the diversity of the School;   

·      To honor the outstanding achievement of Berkeley students by the awarding of prizes;

·      To help encourage and mentor recent graduates in their new ministries;

·      To help organize, promote, and encourage post-graduate study and continuing education for the continuing professional/vocational development of graduates;

·      To represent the school in the wider Church.

The Berkeley Graduate Network is coordinated through the Alumni Committee of the Berkeley Board of Trustees:

            Carol Pinkham Oak, ’85, Graduate Network President

            Elizabeth Blunt, ‘14

            Helena Martin, ‘20

            Andrew Ogletree ‘21

            Lizzie Robbins ‘21

            Yolanda Rolle, ‘15

            Kino Vitet, ‘11

The Berkeley Graduate Network’s annual meeting is held each fall during the larger Yale Divinity School Convocation and Reunions week and is held in conjunction with a luncheon, the Pitt or Cheney Lecture (in alternating years), and Evensong with conferral of honorary degrees. The Graduate Network supports other communication with graduates such as e-newsletters and virtual town hall meetings, in which graduates can learn about the current life of the seminary, from its strategic initiatives to the daily life of students.  

Graduates are encouraged to share news of their life and ministry with Berkeley at