Continuing Education

For its graduates, Berkeley Divinity School offers a number of opportunities for continuing education, many of them in conjunction with Yale Divinity School. Among the most important are:                                                                                                 

  • Yale Summer Study. Each year Yale faculty offer week-long courses on the Bible, ministry, theology, and other topics to the wider public. These may be recognized for continuing education requirements.
  • Summer Leadership Symposium. During the month of June, Berkeley offers an annual Leadership Symposium. This twenty-four hour intensive seminar has addressed such topics as effective use of electronic communications in parish ministry, meeting the spiritual needs of adolescents, and envisioning the church of the future. 
  • Occasional speakers on campus. Each week scholars of renown visit Yale Divinity School and other schools and departments of the University, and speak at public events. Listings are available here.
  • Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes. Berkeley regularly offers workshops and guest speakers at the annual meeting of the CEEP, held in late February or early March in various locations.