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Annand Program

The James E. Annand Program for Spiritual Formation allows students from the whole Yale Divinity School community to discover the fundamentals of prayer and Christian discipleship from seasoned clergy and lay teachers. Sponsored by Berkeley Divinity School, the program is a gift to the larger Yale community adding a spiritual grounding to the academic life. It encourages students both to learn to pray and to regard prayer as a foundation of Christian learning. Students are encouraged to develop a rule of life, and while in seminary a number of them establish formal relationships with one of the nearby monastic communities.

Seminarians have the opportunity to engage in either individual or group spiritual direction with one of the many Annand Program mentors, who represent a wide variety of denominational backgrounds (including members of religious orders). Students also participate in small groups exploring such topics as vocational discernment, contemplative prayer, and the faith practices of Christian life, as well as quiet days led by brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist.

In addition, students’ spiritual formation is nurtured as they pursue a variety of ministry internships; as they encounter an intentionally diverse representation of visiting preachers and speakers from all around the church; and as they travel on mission and research trips throughout the world.

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