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Berkeley students have ample opportunity for internships in a wide variety of church, school, prison, and other ministry settings. In and around New Haven are parishes representing every variety of the Episcopal tradition, from inner-city Anglo-Catholic, to traditional low-church, to evangelical, to large suburban “corporate size” churches. Other internship opportunities include serving as a Chapel Minister at Berkeley, or teaching in a secondary school, or serving as a hospital chaplain. Some students even elect to do field work in New York City, in order to experience the intensity of urban church life there. Students may also choose to do summer internships, either locally or elsewhere in the Episcopal Church or wider Anglican Communion.

At least one unit of “Supervised Ministry” (field placement) is required by YDS for the MDiv degree: either Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) or an internship. BDS, however, requires both CPE and an internships for the Anglican Studies Diploma. Many dioceses also require both, and in addition most students choose to do two full years of internship experience. More information is available through the Office of Supervised Ministry.

Mulford Urban Internships

In collaboration with the YDS Office of Supervised Ministry, Berkeley sponsors a number of internships specifically focused on urban ministry. These internships—which may be in congregations, or social service agencies, or inner city schools—give intensive experience in the practice of diverse forms of ministry in the urban environment.

St. Hilda’s House

In partnership with Christ Church Broadway, BDS is a sponsor of St. Hilda’s House, a residential young adult discernment program. Interns live in community and work in various service-oriented sites throughout the city. They are also integrated into the community and spiritual life of BDS. This program, funded in part through Trinity Church Wallstreet, is part of the national Episcopal Service Corps initiative. Several graduates of the program have gone on to seminary, including at Berkeley and Yale Divinity Schools.