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Global Experience


Berkeley Divinity School is committed to providing every student with international experience as a part of their theological training. To this end, the senior class makes an annual pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral, where they are immersed in both the historical depth and contemporary breadth of the Anglican Communion.

Mission and Study Trips

Some students participate in the travel study seminars that are part of the Yale Divinity School curriculum. Recent destinations have included Tanzania, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, China, Ghana and Jerusalem. The School also helps students to plan and fund individual mission trips abroad, working in partnership with the Seminary Consultation on Mission and the Evangelical Education Society of the Episcopal Church. Many students arrange to travel to Africa to participate in the life of the church there, including our partner institution, St. Nicholas Seminary, Ghana. Others choose to go to Latin America, in particular to our partners in the Diocese of El Salvador—especially students whose dioceses encourage Spanish language ability. Still others journey to work toward reconciliation in the Middle East, or to investigate contemporary religious communities in Europe such as Taizé, Iona, or the Community of Jerusalem.

Exchange Programs

Through Yale Divinity School, a number of exchange programs are available with universities around the world, including the Universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg and Freiburg, Germany; Trinity Theological College, Singapore; Chung Chi College, Hong Kong; and Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Of particular interest to Anglicans is the exchange opportunity with Westcott House at Cambridge University.

Campus Visitors

In addition to travel abroad, students experience the global church through a steady stream to New Haven of bishops, lecturers, and missionaries from around the world. Many of these visitors come as part of the program of the adjacent Overseas Ministry Study Center, while others are themselves students at YDS. Moreover, given Yale’s own commitment to global engagement, the University is host to many world leaders whose presence shapes day to day life on campus.