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The Berkeley Student: A Profile

Berkeley seeks to cultivate in its graduates an ability to work successfully within church structures and institutions, but also to have the independence of mind and heart to offer creative new directions for the church’s life and ministry. A Berkeley student is one who is committed to academic excellence; who has a desire for deep spiritual insight and personal maturity; who seeks to acquire the craft skills necessary for effective ministry; who readily engages a variety of opinions and convictions while remaining true to his or her own beliefs; who is intent on developing a personal understanding of and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and who has the potential for a reflective theological wisdom that can meaningfully articulate the Christian faith in today’s secular society. In short, a Berkeley graduate is one who will have something meaningful to say about who God is, and what difference God makes to human living.

Core Curriculum

The degree programs of Yale Divinity School offer the backbone of study for Episcopal students.

Anglican Studies

BDS offers two programs of study for Episcopalians who wish to obtain an academic credential certifying their readiness for service in the Episcopal Church


Students receive practical hands-on training in a variety of internship locations and programs.

Educational Leadership

The unique Educational Leadership and Ministry Program prepares students of all denominations for leadership and ministry in schools and colleges.


Scholarships and Grants

A variety of scholarships and grants are available for students attending Berkeley.

Global Experience

Berkeley emphasizes international study experiences for every student.

Continuing Education

For its graduates, Berkeley Divinity School offers a number of opportunities for continuing education, many of them in conjunction with YDS.

Formation for Lay Leadership

Students may prepare for lay vocations both in church and society as teachers, musicians, scholars, lay ministers, social workers, and more.